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Patent Renewal Fees in Turkey: Steps, Costs, and Attorneys

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property, securing a patent is just the first step. To maintain your exclusive rights, patent renewal is crucial. If you have a patent registered, our patent attorneys pay patent renewal fees in Turkey.

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Understanding the process, steps, costs, and the role of a patent attorney in patent renewal fees is vital. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the patent renewal process in Turkey seamlessly.

Understanding Patent Renewal Fees in Turkey

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Patent Renewal Fees in Turkey

Understanding Patent Renewal

A patent is a legal document that grants the inventor exclusive rights to their invention for a specified period. In Turkey, as in many other countries, patents are typically valid for 20 years from the filing date. To continue enjoying these exclusive rights, patent renewal is necessary.

Steps and Procedures for Patent Renewal in Turkey

  1. Review the Expiry Date: The first step is to identify the expiry date of your patent. This date is usually 20 years from the filing date, but it’s essential to confirm the exact expiration date.
  2. Preparation of Renewal Request: Around six months before the patent’s expiration, you should prepare a renewal request. This request includes details such as the patent number, the patent holder’s name, and the title of the patent.
  3. Submission to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TPTO): The renewal request must be submitted to the TPTO. It’s essential to adhere to their guidelines and ensure all required information is provided accurately.
  4. Payment of Renewal Fees: Upon submission of the renewal request, renewal fees must be paid. The fees vary depending on the year of renewal. Early payment may also offer cost advantages.
  5. Confirmation and Extension: Once the renewal fees are paid, the TPTO will confirm the renewal and extend the patent’s validity. A renewed patent remains in effect for an additional year.
Cost Breakdown

Cost Breakdown for Patent Renewal

The cost of renewing a patent in Turkey depends on various factors, including the year of renewal. The renewal fees are generally higher in the later years of the patent’s validity. It’s advisable to consult the latest fee schedule provided by the TPTO to determine the exact costs for your specific situation.

The Role of a Patent Attorney

While it’s possible to navigate the patent renewal process independently, engaging a patent attorney can be immensely beneficial. A patent attorney brings expertise and experience to ensure a smooth renewal process. Their services include:

  1. Legal Expertise: A patent attorney comprehends the complex legal procedures and requirements associated with patent renewal.
  2. Timely Action: Patent attorneys ensure that renewal requests are prepared, submitted, and fees paid well before the expiration date, avoiding potential lapses in protection.
  3. Cost Efficiency: By keeping track of renewal deadlines and optimizing payment strategies, a patent attorney can help manage costs effectively.
  4. Error Avoidance: Patent attorneys help prevent errors or omissions that could lead to a rejection of renewal requests.
Turkish Patent Attorneys

Contact us for Patent Renewal Fees in Turkey

Patent renewal is a critical aspect of maintaining your intellectual property rights in Turkey. By following the steps and procedures outlined in this guide, you can ensure the seamless renewal of your patent.

Contact our patent attorneys can further streamline the process, providing you with expert guidance and peace of mind. Don’t let your hard-earned patent rights lapse – stay proactive and protect your innovation for years to come.

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