Patent Application Process in Turkey

July 2016 | Category: Articles

If the patent application filed complies with the provisions in Article 42 of the Decree Law, the applicant is notified of the receipt of the application and it is filed into the records together with the result of the formal examination.

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Patent Protection Benefits in Turkey

June 2016 | Category: Articles

The natural and legal persons dealing with industrial or commercial activities and located within the boundaries of Turkey or the persons granted the right to make an application as per the provisions of the Paris Convention shall benefit from protection rights.

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What is an Invention in Turkey?

April 2016 | Category: Articles

An invention is defined as the solution to a specific technical problem. The concept of "invention" forms the basis of the patent law. The inventions are protected through the patent/utility model certificate for the purpose of encouraging the invention activities and the attaining technical, economic and social progresses by means of application such invention to the industrial sectors.

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