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Trademark Services in Turkey

Turkish Trademark Services

When it comes to thriving in the competitive Turkish market, safeguarding your brand’s identity and intellectual property rights is non-negotiable. At Ata Patent Group, we take pride in delivering expert Turkish trademark services that empower your business to flourish. Table…

Turkish Trademark Laws

Turkish Trademark Law & Regulations

With extensive experience in handling Turkish trademark law matters in Turkey, our team of expert trademark lawyers is committed to assisting businesses and individuals in navigating the complex landscape of trademark registration, renewal, assignment, and more. Table of Contents Trust…

Turkish Copyright Law

Turkish Copyright Law: Expert Services

Are you an artist, creator, or business seeking to safeguard your innovative works in Turkey? Ata Patent Group stands as your steadfast partner, offering a proven track record of expertise in Turkish copyright law. Our proven copyright lawyers provide not…

Turkish Design Patent Law

Turkish Design Patent Law Details

Turkey’s legal framework for design patents is aligned with international standards and principles. The Industrial Property Code (IPC), which came into effect in January 2017, constitutes the cornerstone of Turkish design patent law. This legislation grants protection to novel and…

Turkish Design Patent Lawyers

Turkish Design Patent Lawyers

When it comes to securing your creative brilliance, Ata Patent Group goes beyond legal expertise. Our specialized team of Turkish design patent lawyers is dedicated to empowering you with tailored strategies that safeguard your designs and drive your success. Table…

Turkish IP Litigation Lawyers

Turkish IP Litigation: Expert IP Litigators

At Ata Patent Group, we specialize in providing top-notch legal representation in a wide range of IP litigation matters in Turkey. When faced with such challenges, having a skilled team of Turkish IP litigation lawyers by your side is essential.…

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