Ata Patent Inc., a full-service Turkish IP law firm, serves the needs of businesses, international companies, Fortune 500 companies, and individual clients around the world. Ata Patent Inc. was established in 1996 and is now the leading IP law firm in Istanbul, Turkey. Ata Patent Inc. has a growing list of honors for its representation of businesses, international companies, and individual clients across the globe, as well as for excellence in the legal profession.

Ata Patent Inc. represents the full range of companies, from publicly traded international corporations to closely held corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and individuals. Our clients are situated across the world and are engaged in such diverse businesses as manufacturing, retail, wholesale, financial services, technology, health care, real estate and agriculture. Our IP and trial lawyers have appeared in courts in throughout Turkey.

The attorneys at Ata Patent Inc. graduated at the top of their law school class, served on their law schools law reviews and have been repeatedly honored by professional groups and publications. The firm’s founder is a leader in his field, has written and lectured extensively before trade and professional groups.

Started by a lawyer with several years of big firm experience, the firm is dedicated to providing the level of expertise available at the best and largest firms but with the focused attention, flexibility and personalized service that is only available in a small-firm setting.

Our clients are industry leaders in manufacturing, shipping, healthcare, energy, export & import, telecommunications, professional services, and they range from regional businesses to Fortune 500 organizations. We have built solid relationships with our clients founded on our commitment to the goals and interests of each and every one. They trust our judgment, abilities and political relationships, and they demonstrate their confidence in us by remaining our clients, year after year.

Our lawyers are trained as internationalists

Ata Patent Inc.‘s litigation practice is broad-based and well known in Turkey. You can work hard and do well, or you can work harder and do better. At Ata Patent Inc., we are solving problems and getting results in Turkey and abroad. Because, when we’re out front, our clients are too.

Our Expertise


Patent Application, Opposition, Cancellation, Assignment, Litigation

Turkish Patent Law

Turkish Patent Law


Trademark Application, Opposition, Cancellation, Renewals, Litigation

Turkish Trademark Law

Turkish Trademark Law

Utility Model

Utility Model Application, Opposition, Cancellation, Assignment, Litigation

Turkish Utility Model Law

Turkish Utility Model Law

Design Patent

Design Patent Application, Cancellation, Renewals, Assignment, Litigation

Turkish Design Patent Law

Turkish Design Patent Law
Why Ata Patent Inc.?

In our ever-changing, fast-paced world, individuals and businesses can’t afford to let an opportunity slip by. The energetic corporate lawyers at Ata Patent Inc. are imbued with the spirit of our emerging global culture and its demanding pace and substance. We have earned a reputation with our clients as top-notch, hardworking, hands-on attorneys who are always on-call.

Due to our exceptional credentials, and our extensive experience in our areas of practice, we excel at creating legal solutions customized to the unique needs of clients based throughout the world. Any law firm can claim to provide legal services – we insist on a higher level of service that sets our practice apart.

At the law office of Ata Patent Inc., our business attorneys harness the law’s power to shield our clients’ interests and position them for dominance in the marketplace. Having us in your corner is simply another way to help ensure that your company reaches its full potential.

Our success has been derived from our commitment to our clients and our ability to maximize the value we provide to them. Our attorneys are dedicated to understanding the businesses and industries of our clients and collaborating with them to develop tailored strategies. We are a local law firm with affiliated offices network that gives us the ability to serve our clients’ interests throughout Turkey.

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