What is the Novelty in Designs?

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What is the Novelty in Designs?

If the design has not been made available to the public in the world prior to the application date or the priority date, such a design shall be deemed to be “new”. If the designs differ only in immaterial details, they shall be considered as identical. To make available to the public shall cover of all actions of sale, use, publication, publicity, exhibiting, or such similar activities. If a design for which protection is claimed has been made available to the public during the twelvemonth period preceding the date of the filing of the application by the designer or his successor in title or by a third person having their approval, such disclosure shall not affect the novelty.

 What is the Novelty in Designs?, Turkish Patent Lawyers Istanbul, Turkey

What is an Individual Character?

A design shall be understood to have an individual character if the overall impression it creates on the informed user is significantly different from the overall impression created on the same user by any design.

What is Priority Right?

It shortly means the priority rights. Depending on the previously made proper applications for the design registrations abroad or on the exhibitions for this specific purpose, the Applicants will hold priority rights to make an application in Turkey for the same design with in six months as from the date of first fiiling.

What are the Designs Excluded from the Scope of Protection?

The designs which are not new and not have an individual character. The designs resulting from a technical function which does not leave to the designer any freedom in the design characteristics and elements The designs contrary to public order and acceptable principles of morality The designs that must necessarily be produced in its exact form and dimensions in order to enable the product in which the design is incorporated or to which it is applied to be mechanically assembled or connected with other products.

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