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Patent Application Process in Turkey

Patent Application Process in Turkey

If the patent application filed complies with the provisions in Article 42 of the Decree Law, the applicant is notified of the receipt of the application and it is filed into the records together with the result of the formal examination. The applications which fail to comply with the formal provisions, are granted an additional period of three months to complete the deficiencies. If the formal deficiencies are not fulfilled, it is deemed that the application is rejected.

In case it is observed that the application complies with the formal conditions subsequent to the formal examination process, then the applicant is notified that the Applicant is to file a request the Institute to search of the prior art and pay for the related fee within fifteen months from the date of application or from the date of priority claim if the applicant has made such a claim. In case no search is requested or the search fee is not paid, it is deemed that the application is withdrawn.

Upon request of the applicant for search, either Turkish Patent Institute or one of the contracted international search authorities prepares the search report. The applicant is notified when the search report is ready. The applicant should inform within three months from the date of receipt of the notice, of its preference of one of the patent issuance systems, i.e. with or without examination.

The applicant’s option and the search report is published by the Institute. If the applicant fails to notify its option within a period of three months, it is deemed that the applicant prefers the system without examination. The application is either concluded with registration or refused subsequent to the issuance of the examination report (1-3 times), in case the system with examination is preferred. If the system without examination is preferred, a certificate without examination is directly granted.

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