Is Turkish Industrial Design Registration Valid in the World?

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Is Turkish Industrial Design Registration Valid in the World?

Registration of any industrial design provides national protection to the holders. In other words, the protection through registration is valid only within the boundaries of the country of registration. Therefore, if it is claimed to protect the design in more than one country, it is the best way to file an application to the offices in each of the countries where the protection is to be claimed, separately. However, since it has been observed recently that any separate application to each of the offices in such countries has led to several problems in terms of different application processes and use of different languages, there established systems which provide protection in more than one country through a single application to be made. For this specific purpose, The Hague Agreement Concerning International Deposit of Industrial Designs was put into effect in our country on January 01, 2005.

 Is Turkish Industrial Design Registration Valid in the World?, Turkish Patent Lawyers Istanbul, Turkey

What are the Legal Proceedings of Amendments to the Application and Registration of an Industrial Design? Should They be Notified to the Institute?

It is possible to transfer the design application or the registered design to another person. In addition, the right of utilization obtained through design rights may be the subject of the license agreement, that is to say, it can be leased to another person by means of a contract. It is also possible to transfer the design rights to the successors through inheritance or to pledge the same. Such legal proceedings on the registered designs and the changes in address, title or such other particulars of the holder of the design rights should be entered into the industrial design records in order to make such procedures meaningful in the vicinity of the third parties. Therefore, it is of great importance to notify such procedures and changes to the Turkish Patent Institute.

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