Infringement of Design Rights and Penalties in Turkey

July 2016 | Category: Articles

Imprisonment or fines shall be applied on those who make false statement in the fake capacity of design right holder or those although not granted any authorisation, who remove the signs on the goods or packages which evidence the design protection or those who pretend that they are the applicant or the holder of any design right.

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Turkish Design Patent Registration Law

May 2016 | Category: Articles

The registration process of the industrial designs in Turkey is formed up four main processes which can be summarized as formal examination, registration into the industrial design records and publication, oppositions and certification.

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What is an Industrial Design?

April 2016 | Category: Articles

The industrial designs are any product or pieces of such products which accompany us in our daily lives and facilitates our lives; the patterns, ornaments which make our lives colourful and address our senses.

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What is the Novelty in Designs?

March 2016 | Category: Articles

If the design has not been made available to the public in the world prior to the application date or the priority date, such a design shall be deemed to be “new”. If the designs differ only in immaterial details, they shall be considered as identical.

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