What is Geographical Sign?

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What is Geographical Sign in Turkey?

The geographical sign is an industrial property right describing a product originated from any region or attributable to any region due to its quality, reputation or other characteristics. Any product, fruit, stone, mine of any region may be different from those in the other regions or any carpet, pileless carpet, fabric, tile etc. may have attained reputation for whatsoever is the reason. Use of the name of the region with such products may be perceived by the consumers as their distinctive features from those with similar nature. The consumers may prefer the products sold through the name of such regions in lieu of the other products due to the fact that they rely on the name of the region. In this context, the geographical signs are dimensioned in the manner that they are shaped, packaged, purchased and sold through the traditional knowledge and they are the signs of guarantee evidencing the quality of the product, traditional production method and geographical origin. The geographical signs are evaluated in two different ways as designation of origin and geographical indication.

 What is Geographical Sign in Turkey?, Turkish Patent Lawyers Istanbul, Turkey

What is Designation of Origin?

“Designation of origin” indicates a name of a product, the quality or characteristics of which is essentially or exclusively due to the inherent natural and human factors of a place of which the geographical boundaries have been defined. All of the steps for production, processing and preparation should take place within the defined boundaries. Some examples are Eskişehir Meerschaum, Çelikhan Tobacco, Aegean Cotton. Such products are not manufactured outside their respectiveregions. It is because the products acquire their characteristics only in the region they are made available.

What is Geographical Indication?

The product may be manufactured in any other location provided that at least one of the product characteristics to which a geographical indication is linked to the defined boundary should be originated from the said region. Some examples are, Isparta Carpets, Damal Doll, Siirt Blanket. The nature, quality, reputation and other features of such products may depend on the natural raw materials or human factors which all belong to the specified location.

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